Success Education Colleges’ Commitment to Disaster Preparedness

Success Education Colleges invests in training and preparation to protect students and team members from potential disasters

WEST COVINA, Calif.— Success Education Colleges (SEC) is comprised of Team Members who greatly value disaster preparedness. Though living in Southern California affords a luxury of ideal weather and beautiful scenery, SEC is highly aware that disasters can occur anywhere, at any time and therefore, each campus is now part of a great effort to ensure that each and every student and Team Member will be safe in the face of any unforeseen catastrophe.

In the recent weeks, SEC’s Disaster Preparedness Consultant, Captain Dean Viana, has visited all of the nine SEC campuses. Captain Dean is an active Beverly Hills Fire Captain who has been specially trained in Disaster Preparedness by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). His decades of experience, including his work on presidential medical details, make him a great match to consult with SEC in this regard.

SEC’s Disaster Preparedness is happening in three phases:

Phase I: Captain Dean delivers specially designed earthquake survival kits to each campus and conducts a survey of the specifics of each campus.

Phase II: Captain Dean writes campus-specific disaster plans for each campus, including photos of utility shut-offs and other details relevant to an appropriate plan of action.

Phase III: Captain Dean will start meeting with all Team Members at each campus to conduct Disaster Preparedness training.

“Through a 3 phase plan, we have worked with SEC on identifying disaster threats, and coordinated a comprehensive plan to create a state of readiness to meet the needs of the Colleges when disaster strikes. Through planning and training, we can help to minimize the loss of lives and property in the event of a disaster,” Dean Viana said.

His passion for disaster preparedness and the safety of all nine schools was echoed by SEC’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Beylor Meza.

“Our disaster preparedness plan was an effort spearheaded by Mitchell and Lisa Fuerst as they continue to live out our number one core value: ‘We will always take care of the student.’ This important initiative will help train hundreds of SEC Team Members in helping us keep our students and Team Members as safe as possible in disaster conditions. I must add that I am sure that our founder, Mrs. Marsha Fuerst, would be proud to know that her legacy of taking care of our students lives on this way, heading into our 50th year.”

About Success Education Colleges

A leader in allied health education, Success Education Colleges (SEC) has been committed to training individuals to enter and advance in the health care field for nearly 50 years. SEC is system of nine postsecondary colleges and includes North-West College (7 campuses), Glendale Career College, and Nevada Career Institute. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), Success Education Colleges offers a supportive educational environment for those ready to start a health care career. To date, SEC has graduated more than 45,000 students—individuals who have gone on to raise the standard of excellence at health care organizations of all types.

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